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the cow who growls

Lynda returned from Inverness with four bags of cattle feed and five litres of cod liver oil. The oil is for Morag the old white cow who growls. The only cow who growls. She is frankly ugly, far from my favourite animal, and yet…
Well, for a start she bred the only champion I have ever shown; Kirsty Morag, top two year old spring 2012 at Oban show and sale. Oban mart is the Mecca of Highland Cattle breeding. To me, Oban is not a quiet coastal town in Argyll, departure point for the ferries to the isles, it is an event. Twice a year the best of the breed are brought together, barbered, shampooed, schooled and presented to compete against their peers. On that one occasion, Kirsty was judged to be the best two year old and I stood at the head of the line.
So, for that moment, if for nothing else I am indebted to the old girl. She is so arthritic that one leg swings uselessly most of the time. I have brought her up to the calving paddock so that she can shelter from the weather inside the shed, but, cussed as she is, she won’t use it.
So I will dose her with cod liver oil in the hope, probably forlorn, that she may survive long enough to drop just one more new beautiful calf that I can parade round the showring in a year or two in honour of one obstinate, long-faced, angular old beast- Morag, the cow who growls.