Chooks, Farm Life, Highland cattle, Uvie Farm

Snow start

The glimmer outside the window gives the game away before daylight – snow on the ground. Last night was moonlit – sufficient to load a silage bale without lights. A clear night therefore- but still remarkably mild – I am outside hatless and barely in need of gloves (a good thing as I am susceptible to frostbite in the finger tip that I sliced on the planer like bacon). The square light in the new shed itself reveals slowly, shedding a warm orange radiance across the snowy yard and the shadowy beasts gathered at the feeder.
Ali appears after I have dealt with the little girls and the chooks in the other shed. I feel obscurely ashamed that the only chook needing attention is Cocky ie male, his female companions having learned to roost in the roof.
She is kind enough to make no comment.
The animals outside still need fed, so she parks herself on the rear carrier as the Nog and I head down the hill as usual.
We follow well-worn pathways, but perspectives change slightly through sharing. Farm routines develop in stratified layers of improvisation. So, some tiny innovation, maybe opening a gate one way rather than another, becomes a platform for a new set of outcomes, modest indeed but tending towards economy.
Cosmos Uvie evolves unnoticed- except when presented to someone new, who both assays the system and may add to it. Last time Ali farm-sat, she hooked a feed pallet to a hurdle for use as a hayrack – still in use.
Our understanding of a tiny world grows microscopically.
The snow is still falling, but water will soon flow beneath it down granite ribs.