executive release

IMAG1967Took the Nog up the hill
on an afternoon of stiff wind and sunshine
with snow dusting the tops.
Halfway up towards the ridge dividing the upland pasture (the outbye)
from the heather moorland,
I took a call..
from the bunkhouse guests
arrived yesterday from London
who were gallantly trying to rescue a deer trapped in the wire.
I came up to them ten minutes later..
and organised them to lift and release the frightened animal
a red deer calf that had attempted an absurdly overambitous leap
over the deer fence surrounding the old pine wood
Bad Feannaig – the perch of the Hooded Crow..
I felt it was a curious inversion of roles
as I lined them up on either side of the wee beast
to lift
without putting added stress on the torso
that had been suspended in the wire
from the night before.
As if we were performing some executive team working exercise
designed to optimise our management skills..
All I know is…
if there is something to be done
there will be no rescue
if I fail
We released the trembling calf –
it staggered off briefly with its leg stretched uselessly behind it..
so we departed talking of rifles and winter’s attrition..
but when I returned the same way
it was gone.

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