Vole Lords

SphinxNogThe Nog dietary supplement
must be Field Voles!!..
and they are everywhere ..bless em!!
Today I had a Close Encounter..
of the Vole kind.
In the workshop putting together the big oak posts to prop the house beams..
and one little fellow pooters along the wall.
A little while later
he’s joined by a second…and I realise
they’re not mice at all..
sleek and shy and capable of flattening themselves to the thickness of card..
cos these guys are distinctly chubby!..with short tails.
next thing,
I see one fat mouse chasing another..
but not with real intent it seems-
more like tory peers up to high jinks
after a long evening on the portwine..
(with trouser debagging as a possible outcome)…
so anyway
his lordships chase each other round the walls
in a laborious kind of way..
and then the leader makes a break (slooooowly!!) for open ground
which takes him right past where I’m standing.
At this point, milord pursuant gets a bit disoriented at the vast open spaces
and, missing a left turn,
bumps up against my boot!..
apologises, naturally,
and scuttles slowly off in the direction of the first.
I think I really have to tell the Nog to stick to mountain hares..
these guys really don’t make it as challenging quarry!