The season is bound to turn

It's October for goodness' sake!

It’s October for goodness’ sake!

Last night I blew myself up.

Late night- last thing
and I needed to fix an error.
I missed the undercounter fridge socket
from the ring main:
the circuit that supplies power to all
the other sockets.
So I have to take a line from one of these-
a spur, to remedy my neglect.

Connections made, I tidy up
by pinning the cable to the studwork.
Unnoticed in the failing light,
I nick the cable when driving in a clip.
Switching the power main on
results in:
And scorch marks up the wall.

Today I must make good,
and, going to the shed
to fetch a replacement socket,
I find I have company.
A wren
has taken refuge
in the sheltered warmth.
Wren at the door
I don’t know how she entered,
but when she batters against the window
I open the door
as usual with trapped birds
wide to the great space of sky
to enable her leaving.
Instead of which,
she perches on the sticks by the opening,
and watches me while I ferret for the part.
Until finally I turn to leave
and she bustles out the door
as if dutybound.
Low ground evening
Later, walking the Nog up the hill,
I spy the first snow on the cap of Cairn Gorm
and a rainbow’s arc,
rainbow steepening


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