Not everyone can be champion

My little lad grown big

My little lad grown big

This is the time to watch the babies.
I don’t know them yet.
The older animals and I have been rubbing along for years,
got to know each other;
got used to each other at least-
hard to like old white Morag
the only cow who growls
but she has produced many good calves
without trouble. She still shakes her horns at me
for form’s sake, but without venom.Morag and the miracle
Her boy is too young to tell his quality
along with Flora’s little girl;
(and let’s discount George-Droopy George
who weaned himself onto grass
at six weeks old
and has hardly grown since.)
Some of the earlier born are shaping up:
Holly’s blinding white heifer,Surfer boy
Abby’s boy, surfer cool -black with highlights,
Demi-Og’s little lad trying out
his bigboy bellow.
Their destinies opening in this tense transitional season
when the stags across the river
and on the hill behind the farm
roar seasonal challenge
to the year past
and the winter to come.


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