Hillwalking London

Not gonna climb that one

Not gonna climb that one

I walk
Simon is my guide this time:
on his territory.
(I would guide him on mine.
Beyond the end of the peat road,
across the head of the dry loch):
he guides me from Covent Garden
to the Embankment.
We walk beside the river,
(along the burn,
sphagnum and frogs)
past booksellers & musicians,
A student leafleteer proffers
cancer support:
‘You should tell him-
you have enough already’.
I joke.
We turn at the Golden Hind,
a woman
dressed in hessian
entertains a stand of visitors
(the boat at the loch
was broken for firewood
by visitors
a decade ago)
We cross the river by London Bridge
(but not jumping cross stones)
towards the Bank
(towards the bank)
still talking
and on through the villages
old hunter’s paths
(old stalker’s trails)
using his skill
through HolbornSohoEdgware
to Portobello
where we cruise the stalls
and finally sit to eat.
(beyond the bothy
at Dalnashallag
we choose high hills
roadway or river-
We will use this last
to end at the pub
still talking after walking
the way of the day).


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