Chewing it over

The studio is wired in.
A live line of 16mm armoured cable
runs from the mainboard in the basement
to the studio distribution board,
enabling the circuits,
power & light
shower & cooker,
fans & smoke alarm
that I have laboriously installed.
New line from the masterboard
These domestic circuits are cobbled together
like daily routines.
Bringing the power in
involves something deeper,
more dangerous:
dredging potency from the darkness below.
It has been anchored somewhere
on my mind’s seabed
catching on rocks and weed
slowing the job down.

It is done-
and, like many a troll,
living damp and dark,
below ground,
was small enough when confronted-
less than a day-
and I learned from it.
Meantime, the cattle have been lying down
in the humid conditions,
chewing the cud.
Neither expectant nor ambitious,
they loll
in late summer fullness,
moored safely
when I surface.

Old ladies take their ease


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