Landscape with people is quieter

The idea behind todaysstoryblog is to observe the moment, to record the highlights, however inconsequential.
This is the world I live in, that I perceive and experience directly.
Of late the real stories involve people – I cannot write stories about people, real people even though they are as much a part of my world as trees, rocks, skies and highland cattle.
To write stories about the people I know is to reduce them: evenDSCN1887 Misty Evening Light Over Upper Speyside at Laggan ce celebration is to deny them roundness, their full dimensions.
So when life is full of people, and the emotional connections they bring – I go quiet like a shy kid in the corner –
though the world turns still, the heather smells of honey and a jet plane catches the sun shining white in the late afternoon as we climb towards the monument.


2 thoughts on “Landscape with people is quieter

  1. Jenny Haldane says:

    One question, how much food are you giving your little calf now, we had one the same, she isn’t growing very tast and we don’t know how much food she should be having in weight. Mant thanks if you get this Jenny

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