Fill her up, please

I plan how to instal my 20 photovoltaic panels recently arrived from Spain.
I visualise different options each day, balancing efficiency, cost, strength, appearance.
I see them attached to the south wall of the bunkhouse
ringing the roundhouse, set upon the sloping granite between the two.
The pictures grow clearer, like developing photographic prints:
the buildings are all-electric- generating my own power was always part of the plan.
I would like to have them working while the days are long,
though this, of course, is not the time of most need.
Winter cold sends my bill soaring and I will have less light to discount with.
The problem is storing the power:

there is no way of laying it down

like apples.


Today ended clear and warm,
The birches bordering the road wave their foliage
like pom-poms,
halfhiding the house
Saplings riot in the damp ground around the pond,
buds on the yellow flags are now outnumbered by faded blooms.
Bees work wildflowers among grass
made sparse by early season grazing,
laying up stores.
I gather this now                                                                                                    so as to descend later                                                                                                            to savour its cellared sweetness.


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