The enemy camp at evening

The enemy camp at evening

The wet weather brings on growth

The grass is lengthening

fattening bellies and filling out young calves.

Later this summer it will be harvested

for winter fodder as gently fermenting silage.

Wildflowers lurk in the meadows

and open on the hillsides

perfuming slow moving air.

It also brings on weeds,

pernicious weeds:

thistles, nettles, ragwort

weeds notifiable to and by the authorities

that I am bound to control

as are my neighbours

(windblown seed is no respecter of boundaries).

The dockans are massing

great gatherings of broadleaved marauders

shading out the grass

depriving the animals

breaking up pasture.

They trumpet their invasion

of damp places rich in manured run off.

They whisper of managerial failure,

dereliction of duty.

They are the vandals at the gate

of my small city.

To arms my forces!

The seed is setting

le vent se leve;

I fell them in swathes.



Battle Joined

Battle Joined



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