we don’t use bikinis in Scotland


Water lies on the ground this morning
-and again this evening.
Summer rain –
lengthening the grass for harvesting late in the summer
filling puddles in roadways
glistening on fence rails
breeding new hatches of insects
for birds to feed on
filling ponds and aquifers
setting burns tumbling
and drains spilling onto hill roads
with blooms of algae.
This rain is regular,
not hard.
The air holds a mix of honey and must.
It’s just-
it rains.



One thought on “we don’t use bikinis in Scotland

  1. B says:

    the lengthening days are such a treat. Ten more gems of days of bright light to enjoy. So peaceful and delightful to look out of the window at 21.16 and hear quiet – offering peace and reflection in the air.
    And rain rain go to Spain and let Roy clean house from time to time.

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