migrations of multifarious malfunctions

Sometimes things go wrong
in flocks like birds.
The sky darkens with misadventures
chattering busily
on their way to breed.
I have virtually lost my internet connection my water pump doesn’t work my desktop has gone dark two building deliveries got lost the hot water timer has died
Mind you there are many more things
I depend on
that could go wrong.
Is this a good
or a bad thing?
or just a sign of spring.


2 thoughts on “migrations of multifarious malfunctions

  1. The urban equivalent is happening down south. My first set of clients cancelled, so I incur room charges with no return, the car battery was dead (I left the key in the ignition) and a kind neighbour does that thing with jump leads which at least gets me off to work; my midday client does not qualify for legal aid and refuses to pay, so again I am out of pocket, and as I write, the third set of clients is already 20 minutes late. Rain has soaked all the May Day festivities. It’s a bummer all right.

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