Not according to plan- no surprise there

Today is not on script.
First I feed Billy and the girls at the calving paddock by the shed, then lead little Holy and Alice into the woods where they will pass the day in the open.
I spend some extra time with Moira’s ailing baby and by the time I arrive to feed the bullocks on the hardstanding, black Abby has come down for second helpings.
Her greed may provide an opportunity.
I have to move the females in with Angus Halfhorn the young bull, if they are to calve early next year. I can lure the mothers with a feed bucket, but the babies stay in the field they have known all their short lives. If I try to round them up they head away form the gate towards the open ground and while I can chase them down with the quad, they can outmanouevre me- so I have to seek their compliance.
Find the time, not force it.
So I open the gate to let Abby through –
see what happens.
Richie and Sharon are leaving the bunkhouse, Claire and family are coming in: a quick turnaround.
The water dries in the taps as I wash up breakfast.
No bother – it’ll be a trip switch.
it isn’t.
The water tanks are empty. All systems are working but no water is coming in. I don’t need to know why just yet: I just have to ensure that Claire and Graham have water.
There is another well for the cattle. I can bowser water across to the house from the shed. The bowser won’t get close to the door, but if I park above the house, I might fill into the basement below. I need to duct it for the bowser. Loops of large bore alkythene lie just inside the gate to the wood: I saw it when I let the girls in. I drag it down with the quad. The nozzle to the bowser wont fit the pipe. Hacksaw the jubilee clips, saw off the nozzle- sweet – the hose slides neatly into the bowser pipe. The other end has to be fed into the tanks, which are enclosed and insulated against the cold. Find my holecutters: the biggest should be enough, drill from both sides, feed the pipe in. Back up to the shed – fill the bowser, down to the house, connect outlet and hose- the water roars into the tank . Three more trips- the well is empty but the tanks are full.
Now for the rest of the day –
O hell –
I left that gate open.


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