Half calf

This is all

Back along I said four things were needed-
along these lines:
1. taste for milk
2. ability to suck
3. tit recognition
most importantly
4. desire for life
Well, on count 1-
he fails.
Also on counts 2 & 3.
Oddly though, in a passive, rather joyless, dogged, confused baby kind of a way:
he comes through on No 4.
In pursuit of this, he has
quite simply
bypassed childhood.
When I think he’ll be curled in a sheltered corner, gathering his strength, he’s on his feet,taking baby mouthful after baby mouthful of thin new grass. When he should be using the high nutrition calf starter food that I bought specially, he stuffs his head into his mother’s bucket to share hers.
He’s hasn’t even learned to eat it properly, half masticated grain falls from the side of his mouth.
When he is locked on the pen for the night, he stands at the haybale pulling patient strands.
He doesn’t lie down.


Half calf


3 thoughts on “Half calf

  1. Maggie White says:

    Yet for all that he is beautiful! Well done for getting him this far and I look forward to each days blog on his doings.

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