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Protection – but I can only do so much

Six drakes greet me at the yard. They are here to breed. So far as I can tell there is only one duck.
I saw her this afternoon climb onto my one tonne feed bag. I was standing a few feet away and felt happy that she trusted me enough to steal my food in my presence.
The drakes however are a bother. I came up from an attempt to shift the girls down from the top paddock to join Angus Halfhorn. It’s time for romance – served this month they will calve first thing next year. Cows have the same nine month pregnancy as women.
They go through following feed, but their babies have never used this gate and stick to the paddock. I need them together.
Another day then.
Two drakes are fighting: one holding the other by the neck, trying to force his head under the water. They are evenly matched so no murder today- but any of those six lurking in the yard could try it on the ducklings when they appear. There will be nothing I can do to protect them.
And there’s nothing I can do to protect Moira’s baby from himself. The calf who won’t eat. I can force him down. resist his urge to escape. Hold a teat in his mouth. Even hold his head down with a stockinged foot while standing to hold a drip feed for Gaby the vet.
But I can’t protect him from his life denying delusions.
I need to protect myself from them


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