Exchange of views

I got back from Edinburgh yesterday after a day and a half of lugging furniture down three flights of stairs, into the truck, across Edinburgh to Portobello where the incongruous cattle trailer is parked. offload and back into town.
Nightwatchman Norman treats me to a Chinese takeaway in his small mobile office at the gate of the lorry park before I pull out. The Forth Road bridge is shut for high winds prolonging the trip home. Finally arrived, the same high winds disturb my sleep – so today I am tired — and very crabby.
The Nog is looking nervous.
Moira’s baby still hasn’t found the tit = so he needs force-feeding by tube, and she needs stripping of her burden of milk.
This evening I go to bring them in, and Moira is getting stroppy about entering the pen –
I am stroppy too.
The baby goes in. She stays out.


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