Dance on Angus Halfhorn!

So that’s it. 20 years in the workshop done with. I renovated the old agricultural steading starting at the roof, Spent my time making chairs from windblown pine, inheritor of a tradition of local patterns thrown up by an interdependant community that had little access to the greater world. I have been working insemi darkness the last couple of days. I needed the big distribution board that supplies power to my machines, so chopped it out and installed a smaller one sufficient for lights and power to service my successors. Light is briefly restored once the new board is fitted up, and then killed for the last time: first the far end and then as I exit. Jake helped me, asked if I felt sad; I don’t. I made the choice, followed it through, bust a gut to bring it off. New strart.
The animals are always there; first priority, but today they make no demands. They are well, have full feeders, and even if their focus is now more on feeding than the contact to be developed in more leisurely times, I hail them on approach, talk to them individually. Angus Halfhorn has taken to dancing around me when I approach the trough: disconcerting when I can’t be certain where his 700 kilos will come back to earth.
He’s just a lad and a good one at that. Dance on Angus Halfhorn – into 2014!


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