Cutting cables

Boy, this is hard work clearing my worskhop of 20 years of joinery kit, tools, timber and associated materials, hardware and general trade debris. I have moved the heavy machines – a repeated challenge of logistics: how much does this weigh? do I lift from below or on slings? which way round through the door? are they too heavy to manoeuvre by myself? &c., and now I’m into the miscellaneous. Part-made chairs awaiting orders for completion, offcuts, rejected items that ‘might just come in handy’, ancillary machines that have not been assembled let alone used for the duration of my tenure here.
I started by reslating the roof. Summer ’92. Windows and doors next in the early months of ’93 with my fingers freezing on the metal of the machines I was trying to use, and an hour each morning huddled by the recalcitrant woodburner with my bench next to it, before I could aspire to productivity. Doors, an outside stair to the newly created office propped on the woodwormed joists of the old hayloft, and that is more or less how it looks today. And I’m leaving. My landlord, though absent, has borne me in mind over the festive season, threatening me with three months extra rent ‘at least’ if I overstay.
Tomorrow I will take out the 3-phase system I need for the machines now stored at the farm, leaving only the lighting and power circuits. I will clip the cable runs to the various sites that used to house bandsaw,circular saw, jointer, thicknesser, radial arm saw, spindle molder, tenoner, mortiser – and then release the distribution board with its elegantly organised contacts.

So many threads to cut.


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